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If you work just for a living and your daily bread and butter then we will probably not be interested in you.  At Smithy Group, we are always looking for complete persons!  For us a complete person is not someone who is just eminently qualified or topper of the class, but someone who is well read, well informed, well travelled, broad minded, curious and who seeks knowledge for continuous self development and for making the world a better place.

We will be very much interested to meet you if you fit the above expectations and have already made a mark in core sector manufacturing and have the fire and will to succeed in life.  Some of the generic traits we look for in our kind of people are:
  • Domain expertise (in your respective field)
  • Passion, sincerity and integrity
  • Continual self development focus and high achievement orientation
  • Meticulous and passion for perfection
  • Ability to think out of box to solve complex problems
  • Have studied and worked outside West Bengal for some time
For metallurgical or mechanical engineers who look for learning oriented assignments near Kolkata, we are one of the best rated manufacturing organization in West Bengal in metallurgical and mechanical engineering sectors with contemporary world class technologies which offers great opportunity for a curious and continual development oriented person to develop his / her skills.

Our plants are located just 30 minutes from Bally Bridge or 45 minutes from second Hooghly Bridge with convenient connections from all over the city as well as company provided transport for people at managerial positions.

We currently have job openings in the following domains and are gender neutral. For us, experience, expertise and capabilities are the only criterias.
  • Production Steel Melting / Forging
  • Plant, Engineering and Maintenance
  • Production Planning
  • Accounts and Finance
  • HRM and Administration
  • Quality Assurance and Process Control
  • Marketing and Sales

Interested? Get in touch with vikrantforge@smithy.in

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